Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh, look, the bathroom is still not done.

I questioned even making a post here, since it's almost embarrassing. The last entry talked about how it had been nearly a year since starting the project, and now it's April of 2013, and there still isn't a bathroom. After fighting with trying to get a shower pan in and so on, we distracted ourselves into a different project. I mentioned that we learned last time that we either need to do everything ourselves or hire out, and so...

We hired out for a nearly completely new kitchen. The only work we did ourselves was pulling crap down or putting up insulation, and the only things we kept were the lighting, some of the handles, and the refrigerator. It went well.

From this...

To this...

So, once that was completed, we had to pay attention to the bathroom again.

I finished adding studs to the new holes in the wall, the ones that used to be a giant attic door, and the old shelving. Fun fact -- the roof vents to the attic didn't go to the attic, they went behind the shelving box. Behind the shelving box was about 4 inches of clearance, and then more insulation. So, at some point, many many years ago, birds nested in there. I'm sure the owners at the time heard them. So they capped the vent. That was fun to discover when pulling out the shelving box. At least it had been many, many years.


We got someone to do the shower pan.

After a bunch of cleanup, we then got someone to sheetrock. They also put up the tile board at the same time, since it was easier to just get them aligned.

Taping is happening tomorrow (likely through Wednesday). With any luck, this weekend, we prime the walls and lay out the tile. Weekend after that, we'll tile the shower. Weekend after that, we tile the floor.


Just have to be finished by mid-May. :)

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