Monday, April 22, 2013

One almost down

Last weekend, I wrote about getting everything primed, and laying out the tile. That did, in fact, happen, but no pictures were really required, so no post was made. The ceiling was painted with a semi-gloss white to help keep moisture down, two coats of primer were put down, and my wife did layouts of tile for the three shower walls. I then spent Sunday night applying Goo Gone to my arms and face.

Good times.

This weekend's work was delayed due to a couple of mistakes. We bought a corded drill to connect our thinset mixing bar to, but didn't buy one with a big enough chuck. I tested the drill this week, but didn't try to connect the two until the day of reckoning. I didn't fiber tape and thinset the seams between the backerboards yet, so that had to be done and dried before we started. We also didn't silicone caulk the gaps between the glass block window and the backerboard, either, and that had to be done. So, Saturday was filled with trips to Home Depot and Ace Hardware, combined with completing those activities, and fitting base boards to start tiling from. Luckily, that went pretty well, and it was a nice, sunny day on top of it.

Sunday was then reserved to tile. Naturally, it was cloudy and raining off and on. :) A couple of the newer pitfalls is realizing that our slate-ish tile vary not only in thickness but up to 1/4" in height and/or width. The other fun part was the huge slope due to our 1.5 story house making tile cutting fun AND awesome. At least we killed one tile saw blade. The unfortunate part is that by the time we were hitting the last pieces, we lost our source of light, so the wall is still down two pieces.

I'm tired. More tonight!

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