Sunday, December 11, 2011

A phoenix from the ashes

When you last left these intrepid explorers, they were embarking on a mission to destroy and recreate a bathroom by a certain timeline. Those explorers, before running into the brick walls of Code Violation and Financial Doom, left a bathroom looking like this:

Back to the first person -- there's only so long you really want to do that. So, since then, nearly three months have passed, but everything finally got in order. We had a plan, knowing that we needed 30" for the shower plus 4-5" for the curb... and then learned that we needed 30" of space for the toilet (15" from the center of the bowl to the wall or obstruction), but we only had 62" from wall to wall total. We thought we were going to have to do a whole new plan, putting the shower where the sink and toilet once were, and putting the toilet in the really low space you see above, that corner where the orange bucket is. Those of the male persuasion will see the difficulty with that arrangement, but we were willing to take that for the team!

Luckily, Plan B arose.

So, to the left of that picture was some framing around our stack pipe. There was some room there. So, some "friends" came over to adjust that frame to get it flush with that pipe, giving us those extra few inches we need to go back to the original plan. So, the old frame:

The new frame:

The sink and faucet will be delivered by the 14th. Cabinet and toilet are purchased. Tile and all of that was purchased long ago. Our plumber currently isn't returning calls, but hopefully he will be coming to relocate pipes for us. The electrician is ready to relocate outlets and install our shower fan, and the drywallers are ready. Let's see what we can do in a week. :)

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