Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy crap, plumbing!

Muhaha, you thought you wouldn't see this thing pop up ever again! You figured we either finished by now, or would be stuck with an unfinished bathroom forever!

You're probably right!

Our original deadline of getting the bathroom done before my wife's mother came to town came and went. We went through three plumber options, and none of them worked out either from lack of response, lack of ability to do so in a timely manner, or lack of insurance and so on. But! We finally got a plumber, and after a day of work, he's almost done. He ran new pipe all the way down to the basement, installed drains for the toilet, sink, and shower, and will be running water lines and valves on his next visit along with the inspector. This means we can bring in the electrician soon, and start tiling shortly after.

This is taking forever. Those of you with high hopes that you can get stuff done quickly by outsourcing are either lying to yourselves or just better at it than I am. Probably the latter.

Anyway, here's where the sink goes:

Here's where the toilet and shower go:

Soon.. soon!!

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