Thursday, September 8, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I know, I know, but we aren't just slacking.

The delay in updating the blog is probably familiar to anyone who has seen me blog in the past -- I'll blog a few days, and then nothing at all. We're not on vacation, and I haven't lost interest, to the contrary, I'm excited as heck. This is just the boring part of the process.

Once we finished primary demolition, we brought in a plumber to do an estimate on our plan for the relocation and addition of fixtures and drains. It was bad news after bad news -- double our estimated budget, and not within code. We knew a shower stall had to be at least 30"x30", but we had no idea that there needed to be at least 15" from the toilet to the shower wall. If we get a corner toilet, we're at 14". My plan now is to figure out if we can get some type of variance from the city to allow us to go to plan. Our other options include relocating the toilet to a place where guys have to sit down for twice the price, or trying to get a tub up there and seeing if we can pull off a small tub to change code requirements. I don't want to pay more, and I don't want to shove a tub in that bathroom.

So, Nick's off to City Hall at some point.

Maybe we'll get another estimate, too, just in case.

More updates when we have them. :)

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