Monday, May 6, 2013

I am so sick of mixing thinset

Seriously. So sick of mixing thinset. And, you know, the rest of this tiling thing. :P

Another quick update. Thursday, we started laying down the shower floor tile, and made it through the pieces that didn't require cutting. This weekend, we finished with the cut pieces, finished the bottom row of the shower wall tile, and put down all of the floor tile that didn't require cutting. Tonight, I will be cutting the remainder of that tile, and scrubbing the shower walls to get ready to seal them before grouting.

This week is a mixed bag due to work and other commitments, but at some point this week, I will be putting down that cut tile, and hopefully, measuring/cutting/placing the tile on the shower curb. Hopefully, the plumber calls back, too, as I'm not really looking to get something to cut copper pipe. At least I'd feel okay if the electrician couldn't make it out.

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