Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm not all that certain how this first post is supposed to sound, but I should probably just go ahead and do it. We've been planning for a few weeks now on remodeling our upstairs bathroom, and tonight was the "kickoff" of sorts -- we went shopping for our basic demolition supplies, to start tomorrow.

Our house is in the far corner of northeast Minneapolis, and it's full of post-war housing. The vast majority of the housing was built in the early 1950s, at one or 1.5 stories. The 1.5 story houses were generally built with the family on the main floor, and a very large room on top, usually used as a master bedroom. Ours was built in 1953, and is of the 1.5 story variety, but the half story was finished with two bedrooms and a half bathroom. The bathroom looks like it has original fixtures, and lacks a shower or bathtub. Our guest room is up there, which means they have to come downstairs and share our master bathroom to bathe appropriately. :) Let these pictures serve as the "before". Note the beautiful peach-seashell-yellow color of the floor, tile, sink, and toilet, matched against our green carpet outside the door. Due to the design and limitation of the half story, the extreme ceiling angle will stay.

Today was the Home Depot trip to get a whole bunch of plastic covering, chisel, prybar, goggles, masks, gloves, buckets, seals, and a gigantic dumpster-in-a-bag to put all of the crap that we rip off, out, and around. Tomorrow morning, we'll have some breakfast and coffee, suit up, and start tearing some stuff apart. We have no idea how long this will take yet, but we'll definitely be updating tomorrow with whatever progress we might have! Deadline for the remodel? Before Christmas, 2011. I'm hoping this would take two weeks for someone competent to do, so four months should be enough...

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